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Modern WWW service is not only making the image of the company more attractive, but also it is a strategic company device for efficient marketing and trade actions. Additionally, we offer professional systems for managing internet stores, which enables to lead those enterprises smoothly. The system is easy to use for every user. The attitude to creating the market, based on the power of the Internet is our key to success and gradually increases the number of our clients.

During the creation of www services we especially insist on the following factors:

  • Marketing concept

    Before we start the project we define basic goals, which should be obtained by the services we create. That enables us to choose the most adequate devices for marketing, promotion and designing. Our goal is to create www service, to support the overall business activities for company.

  • Easy management

    Our CMS system enables everybody (even layperson with no informatics skills) to manage its own website. We do our best to create the intuitive and easy system for every administrator.

  • Webusability

    Our websites are easy to use by creating clear hierarchy of information and intuitive navigation. The result of those actions is very functional website, adjusted to client’s needs.

  • Graphics

    Interesting and eye catching designs are very important from clients perspective, therefore we cooperate with very professional graphics in country, who could meet all, even the most sophisticated, expectations of our clients.

  • Search engines

    Adequate hierarchy of information and right use of technology: HTML and CSS, enables us to be listed by internet search engines like: Google, Yahoo or Live. In that way you have positioning in search engines for free!

Internet applications is more than ordinary static web pages. It allows user to interact within. Druring creation of a web application we use most advanced available technologies, various usefull mechanisms such as PHP, JSP. We also provide adequate platform and support by a server side. All these factors makes final product reliable and suited to our customers expectations.

Internet applications have wide, specific possibilities to apply to different system environments thus it is easier to reflect the clients' needs, moreover it makes business processes more efficient. Ease of use of a complex applications is our priority that is why we created flexible Content Management System to combine both - powerfull tool and simplicity.

Thanks to gained experience we can easily came across customers needs or market demands.

IT systems have been an essential part of all enterprices for many years now. They provide support for firms' processes, information management, tasks automation as well as others important functionalities.

Simple Solutions, in order to satisfy the market demand, offers software systems that reflect the clients' needs. Our priorities include using the newest technologies, siplicity of usage and beeing flexible. Our flag. Our main product is an information management and processing system - DataManager.

Mobile phones applications have become very popular in the past few years. It is determined by many factors, mostly by changing policies of company processes and management.

Nowadays continuous and undisturbed access to information, contact with co-workers as well as using company's resources are all very important. Mobile systems, run on mobile phones allow us usage of all those functions anytime and anywhere. Due to technological progress those applications provide many different, advanced functionalities.

Simple Solutions offers services in creating mobile applications, providing innovative solutions tailored to our customers needs.

Most of us use search engines in order to find certain information in the Internet. Internet user by putting the word, in which he or she is interested, into search engines receives the list of websites connected with that specific word. An average user put only attention to several websites, therefore it is important to be listed at high position in the hierarchy. If the website is at the top of search engine results it strengthens the website’s exposure and assure visitors. Search Engine Optimization is a set of actions to achieve the highest possible result. It is one of the best tolls to promote your company.

According to the client’s requirements we offer you two models of positioning:

  • Disposable positioning – leads to achieve the highest possible result in search engines,
  • Absolute positioning - this leads not only to achieve the highest possible result in search engines but also to remain at this position.

Client pays only if the websites appears on the first page of search engines after searching the world which should be connected with the website.

Only those websites, which are willingly visited by internauts could be profitable. This is the reason why good content and attractive design are not enough to become recognizable in the Internet. For this reason we promote websites by using several advertisements channels like:

  • AdWords campaign

    AdWords campaign are used to project attractive and innovative graphic forms, which should enhance internauts to click on them in order to be linked to website. These specific graphic forms are known as banners.

    The way of payment is so called cost per click (CPC)

    In this model you pay for each click on the banner. You could also buy the fixed amount of clicks.

  • Viral marketing

    Viral marketing is a set if actions, which entourage potential clients to disseminate information about company or product. Viral marketing is based on the connections within social groups like family, friend or work colleagues. Information which is transferred between people who know each other is more reliable. The example of this kind of marketing could be games like Flash or discussions on forums. This is the next element to promote your company and build image of you business.